Gifts that Do Good – Part 3 (for foodies)

So, now you have something for the musician, something for the jewelry lover/search for inner peace recipient, now it’s time for something for the foodie.

For those of you who have followed Bright-Yellow since the beginning, please excuse the repeat.  I just love this gift, though.  A La Card Chicago (if you don’t live in Chicago, don’t worry – I do and I’d like this gift so get it for me! Just kidding – really, there are many similar programs in other cities) is a deck of 52 cards for food lovers.  Each card features a different restaurant including a $10 gift certificate to that restaurant. And we’re not talking that random so-so restaurant on the corner. No, we’re talking some of Chicago’s favorites like The Bristol, Katsu, Naha, and Hot Doug’s.

As for the doing good – $1 from each A La Card Chicago deck goes to Common Threads and it’s a great gift that won’t break your budget – each deck is only $30!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section and tell others about Bright-Yellow!



  1. Jen – thanks for the great idea. I ordered a deck and referenced Bright Yellow. Loved your holiday card and letter. You are a wonderful writer. Always fun to read something from J. Peterbiddles.

    Hope you and Jeff have a great holiday. Look for a card from us in the New Year when we have some news to share!


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