One of a Kind Show – The Place to Find a Hat

At the Chicago “One of a Kind Show” a couple of weeks ago, I found all sorts of beautiful items – jewelry, paintings, ceramics – and a hat!  Hats are notoriously tough to shop for and I really have just resigned myself to wearing a baseball cap or a ski hat.  However, at the “One of  Kind Show”, I discovered My Perennial and now I have a cute little hat (like the one pictured)!

We were drawn to My Perennial by owner Jen’s creative kid shirts (called “snappy kids shirts” – check them out here) that allow kids to have some control over what they wear (Jen is a former teacher so she knows these things).  T-shirts expanded into headbands which are also super adorable.  Once in the My Perennial booth, we quickly fell in love with Jen’s pillows and, in my case in particular, hats.  Every piece is hand-made and the attention to detail is just fantastic.  I can’t tell you how many compliments I have received on my hat and I encourage you to check out these creative works of art.  You can see the entire collection by clicking here and some stores across the country also carry My Perennial’s pieces.

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.  Look for more finds from the “One of a Kind Show” throughout the next week or so.

Remember, be sure to add your feedback in the comments section – we all are looking for great finds!


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