New Year Resolution – Fitness Made (Cheap &) Easy

New Year resolutions… I don’t really participate (my last one was “floss” which I did improve upon my “no floss” habit, but have yet to mark 30 days of steady flossing), but for those of you who do, or those of you who want to get in shape (me), check this out…

The American Health and Fitness Alliance has created a Fitness Pass Book for folks in New York, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles.  The Fitness Pass Book allows you to visit literally hundreds of different fitness centers.  Want to try out yoga? Here’s a two-day pass (or maybe a week or even a month – different venues have different offers).  Wonder how kickboxing works? Try it.  Want to meet a trainer?  Go for it!  The passes are good for one year (so now is the time to buy) and, according to the Web site, the book is valued at $3,500.  But you can purchase one for the low, low price of $75!

So, if you were lucky enough to receive a la card Chicago for Christmas (me!!!!  Yay! Thanks for reading Jeff!) or you just have been eating everything in sight (again, me, ugh!), or you just want to check out some fitness centers, take a look at the Fitness Pass Book!

If you did not read yesterday’s post, please do.  It’s about perspective and, for me, it reminded me about just how lucky I am and I now have someone new to include in my thoughts and prayers.  I really believe in the power of positive energy and hope that you’ll shed some positive energy on Brandy and her boyfriend.

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.  Please feel free to comment and share with others…



  1. Oh fitness! Yes, indeedy. I’ve not yet gone for a workout in 2010 but I’m guessing it will be mobbed this week. Fun to see everyone working on it.

  2. Nice. If only they’d come to Spartanburg. Although we do have 5 or 6 gyms and I think you want to try them for free, you can just go in and ask. Ours did anyway. So nice to have so many options in one handy place, tho!

  3. Oh I wish we could just go in and try for free. I do have a free 3-month pass to one but I’m waiting for all of those resolution people to get over it first (like you said, Cheryl). Or, I’m just lazy.

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