More Perspective: Support our Troops

I believe in signs and that things happen for a reason.  Yesterday was a terrible day at the Bright-Yellow house.  Today put things in perspective (yes, we have another one of those unplanned theme weeks).

No matter what your politics, I think it’s safe to say that we all support our troops stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world.  Today, I met with Debbie Rickert who started Operation Support Our Troops – from her dining room table seven years ago.  Debbie began by simply sending care packages to her son at West Point.  This grew into sending to soldiers and Marines (I learned today that Marines like to be called Marines, not soldiers) connected to her son in some way.  They suggested other soldiers and Marines who could use and care package, and within three months, Debbie had to move her “operation” from her dining room table to a warehouse and now she actually uses two warehouses.  The system is amazing and I left this meeting inspired, energized, and with a tear in my eye.

After my meeting with Debbie, I headed to another meeting (that’s sort of my job) and checked my email in between.  My friend, Alex, sent an email to me and a bunch of other friends about a program that Xerox is doing.  The “Let’s Say Thanks” program gives ordinary citizens the chance to send an e-card to our troops and thank them for their service.

So, while yesterday was a tough day for us, at least Jeff is here with me, we’re safe, sound and healthy.  And we have so many freedoms that we take for granted – and we have our soldiers and Marines to thank for that.

If you’d like to find out more about Operation Support Our Troops Illinois, please click here.  The site has a ton of information about sending valentines to troops, organizing a supply drive, and making a donation.  If you don’t live in Illinois, there are many similar organizations across the country.  The folks at OSOTIL can help you. And if you’re in the Chicagoland area, look for the Rockin’ for the Troops event in July.

To send a e-card through Xerox’s Let’s Say Thanks program, please click here.

And, if you see a soldier or Marine, please don’t forget to say thank you.

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow!


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