Feel Good – Gives Me Hope

We all have “those days”when everything goes wrong and leave us drained and feeling angry with the world around us.  The remedy? Gives Me Hope (GMH)

Gives Me Hope’s creators built the site less than a year ago as a response to the very popular Fmylife site where people post the really bad things that happen to them.  Gives Me Hope is the complete opposite – users post really great things that happen (“stories that make you go awww” according to the site).  Here’s one of my favorites from today’s postings:

“I was at the mall the other day when I saw an old couple sitting together. The man looked over at the woman and said, “Jane, we did it. We grew old together.”  The look in her eyes GMH.”

See more GMH’s by clicking here.  Who or what is your GMH?  Share in the comments section!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow!  You can follow GMH on Twitter by clicking here and you can follow me (@jenhp), too!



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