Listen Up – CHIRP Radio is Launching!

A few months ago, I wrote about the CHIRP (Chicago Independent Radio Project) Record Fair here in Chicago.   A few of you attended and scored some fantastic recordings and others of you couldn’t make it (many because you don’t actually live in Chicago).  Now CHIRP Radio is coming to the whole wide world!

Starting on Sunday, January 17, everyone can enjoy CHIRP Radio by clicking here (and you can sign up now to get updates about the station).  CHIRP’s mission is to “bring a truly independent music- and arts-focused community radio station to Chicago” (and I’ll add, not just Chicago, but the whole Internet universe!).  With CHIRP, you can expect a mix of known and soon to be known artists, local (Chicago) and national, and interesting music insight.

If you live in Chicago, CHIRP is having a launch party on Saturday at the Empty Bottle (more information by clicking here) and if you don’t live in Chicago (or can’t make the party), don’t forget to check out CHIRP Radio starting Sunday!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.  You can follow me on Twitter (@jenhp) and you can follow CHIRP (@CHIRPRadio) there, too!


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