My First Friend (in third grade) Turned Into a Goddess (and goddess maker)

In the middle of third grade, I moved from Ohio to New York.  This was not my first move. In fact, by the middle of third grade, I was nearly a pro at moving and changing schools (my dad was in sales and marketing so new territories always loomed around the corner).

When I arrived on my first day of school, the teacher sat me next to a tall girl with brown hair named Marianne.  Marianne became my official “first friend” in that new place, guiding me through a seemingly scary experience, and I have never forgotten her.  Fast forward more years than I care to admit, and thanks to the magic of facebook, I have reunited with Marianne who now guides a multitude of girls through a seemingly scary experience.

Marianne is the founder of RaeCole Products.  Her site offers products that help women, women of all ages, recognize the goddess within all of us.  RaeCole’s signature product, the Goddess Gift Box, gives young girls a “treasure box” that “honors the many milestones and changes happening in a Daughter, Goddaughter or Nieces’ life, with a positive influence on Healthy Body Image, building Self-Integrity or simply opening the lines of communication by discussing the many treasures that fill each keepsake box.”  What an amazing gift for a woman to give a girl about to become a woman!

Goddess Box not your speed?  No worries, RaeCole has plenty of other empowering treasures like Goddess t-shirts, life affirming necklaces, and comfort pillows (and more!).  With Mother’s Day just around the corner, as well as upcoming graduations and possible birthdays, Rae Cole makes the perfect place to shop!  Begin your shopping by clicking here.

Thanks Marianne for helping me back in third grade and for helping thousands of women and girls know that we are all goddesses!


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