One Year Anniversary – The Paper Anniversary

Today, April 6, Bright-Yellow officially celebrates its one year anniversary.  I find it funny that the one anniversary is the paper anniversary which we’re celebrating for a digital product!

One year ago, I launched Bright-Yellow as a way to challenge myself with daily writing while I searched for a full-time job.  Returning to Chicago as a double unemployed couple meant living on a budget.  I enjoy sharing the tips and tricks I find for budget living as well as general “stuff that you should know, too” that I discover along the way.

Groupon logoA year ago, my first post was about Groupon, a daily deal available for one day only.  When I wrote about it a year ago, Groupon was available in New York and Chicago.  Today, 45 cities enjoy Groupon from Albuquerque to Washington, D.C.  and Groupon offers deals seven days a week (as well as a side deal every day).  If you have not signed up for Groupon, DO IT NOW!  And iPhone users, download the app – you no longer have to print the Groupons – just show your phone and you’re all set!

Since starting Bright-Yellow, I have posted 118 times, had 10,391 page-views (apparently you readers like booze and books since those are the top tags used to find Bright-Yellow), had my busiest day on December 15 (Gifts that Do Good), and Jeff and I have gone from double unemployment to double employment with Jeff landing a dream job (that involves booze – apparently that beercation was well worth it)!

The next few posts will be a check in on some more favorites from the last year so if you have a particular past entry you’d like highlighted, just let me know through the comments section.

As always, thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.



  1. Congrats on the anniversary and all the milestones you’ve met this this year! I have so enjoyed your posts. Keep them up. Cyndy

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