Facebook Privacy Settings vs QuitFacebookDay

For those of you on Facebook, I’m sure you’re aware of the many changes to (or invasions of) your privacy settings.  Most of these changes allow Facebook to share your information and images with Web sites like Yelp (where I found my information shared).  If you don’t want Facebook sharing this information, you can do one of two things. You can join 5,448 people who have decided to quit Facebook on May 31 (info at quitfacebookday.com) or you can stay on Facebook and adjust your privacy settings.

My brother is a techie type and he turned me on to ReclaimPrivacy.org.  When you visit the site, it gives you step by step instructions to have your Facebook page scanned for privacy holes.  And since it was recommended not only by my techie brother but also by Mashable, I’d trust the site.

So, it’s up to you – quite Facebook or make sure your privacy settings are secure. Or, maybe, you want to share your information because you’re just that type of person – or you have really great information!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.



  1. Jen, I can’t thank you enough for posting this! I’m now secure and want to tell everyone I know about this too. You rock.

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