Summer 2010 Best Sunscreens

For those of you who don’t personally know me, Ms. Bright-Yellow is technically Ms. Bright-White when it comes to skin tone.  And while I love summer, a tan for me is the merging of my freckles and, as a result, I am constantly searching for a sunscreen that actually works for more than ten minutes.

Over the years I have found a few sunscreens that have done the trick but none that are on my “must buy” list.  Last week, Consumer Reports released a list their top testing sunscreens.  And the winners are…

Now I haven’t had much luck with sprays in the past but I’m definitely planning to try the Target and Walgreens versions (especially since Walgreens is in SPF 50).  According to the article, these two also smell nice and beachy.  However, I’ll still take shade breaks and wear my big floppy hat.

As summer gets underway, don’t forget that adults need about a shot glass full of sunscreen which should be re-applied every 2-3 hours and sunscreen does lose its potency so toss it after two years.

Later in the summer I’ll report back on my experiences with the sunscreens.  In the meantime get out and enjoy summer. And thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.


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