Rollin’ Down the River – Canoe & Kayak in Chicago

Today’s post features something I haven’t actually done – but I really, really want to do – kayaking in Chicago! If any of you have done this, pretty please with sugar on top comment so I know if I should take a whack at it.

For those of you who don’t actually know me in person, I should warn you that I’m a colossal klutz.  Thank goodness, Chicago River Canoe & Kayak offers lessons – which are part of my summer 2010 plans (heads up husband Jeff – they are part of your summer 2010 plans, too!). Chicago River Canoe & Kayak not only has lessons, but they also offer boat rentals (for those who know what they are actually doing) and guided tours like a downtown skyscraper tour or a dinner tour.

Did I mention the reasonable prices? Renting a boat is just $15-20 per hour and the guided tours are $40-50.  This shapes up to be a lovely weekend afternoon in my book!

So, has anyone tried kayaking or canoeing in Chicago? I’m all ears! If you haven’t check out Chicago River Canoe & Kayak.

In a sort of related note – do you watch “The Bachelorette”? Wow did Chicago look great in the hometown visit to Chicago! I loved that Ali and Frank took a boat tour down the river. Maybe Frank wouldn’t have been so crazy weird if they had done a canoe or kayak tour down the river?!?!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.


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