I Write Like – Finding My Famous Writing Style

Bright-Yellow started a year ago as a way for me to maintain my writing skills while searching for a job – and to share my inherited skill (from my mom) of sharing fun facts and tidbits with friends (and complete strangers).  Thanks to I Write Like, I now know that my writing style is a combination of Stephen King (see this post as an example – I don’t think I’m nearly as scary but I made kayaking sound scary?), Cory Doctorow (I had to look him up (after reading his Wiki I realize I really need to hip it up) – the guy writes a blog called Craphound.com – does this mean Bright-Yellow is crap? Eeek! The Cory Doctorow inspired post is here), and Chuck Palahniuk (another one I had to google – he wrote “Fight Club” – cool but I avoid violence so I have neither read the book or seen the movie (I know!) but apparently this post resembles his style).  I’m not sure how many folks are in the I Write Like database, but I need to go to bed soon so analyzing each and every blog post doesn’t seem likely.

Go ahead – insert some of your writing and share (via the comments below) who You Write Like!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow – please be sure to share the fun!

My “Writing Buddies”:

Stephen King

Cory Doctorow

Chuck Palahniuk


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