On the Move…

Yes, it has been awhile since I did a Bright-Yellow post. A lot has happened since that last post… we found a house we loved and made an offer, the inspector found a fixable problem but the seller wouldn’t cover it, so we lost the house. Then we found a new (and better)  house that required us to make a quick offer – which was accepted! As we were moving forward with the closing, “House Hunters” contacted us to be on the show – yep, Bright-Yellow reality television!  Our “good enough apartment” landlord thought otherwise, though, and “House Hunters” was not meant to be. But, the house was meant to be and that’s most important!

So, we moved in about three weeks ago and you can look forward to some Bright-Yellow posts related to moving and exploring our new home town, Evanston (for those outside of the Chicago area, Evanston is directly north of Chicago). We literally live six miles from the “good enough apartment” so the move was not huge (yet literally took all day to do!).

Like most home buyers, we did most of our initial research online. Sure, there is realtor.com. However, we preferred Redfin.com.  Our friends in California used Redfin to purchase their home and they saved a lot of money.  Redfin agents take a smaller commission because they don’t do as much hand holding. Jeff and I needed some hand holding so we used a realtor (our friend, Scott) but used Refin.com to find listings that appealed to us and to learn more about various neighborhoods.

There is also a Redfin app. I still check it – and that first house (the one where the guy wouldn’t pay for the repair) is still on the market. Ha Ha (mean, I know, but the guy was mean to us). We ended up with a much better place anyway!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow. Please share any home buying tips that you have in the comments section!


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