The Importance of Thank You

This post doesn’t include any tips for finding a great gift, checking out a new restaurant, seeing a can’t miss movie, or tricks for saving money or making dinner in a hurry. This is my thank you post. I recently read about a book about the importance of saying thank you (I’m pretty sure the book is “Thank You: 101 Ways to Practice Effortless Gratitude“). The author of the piece talked about how nobody writes thank you notes anymore or says a simple thank you to people when they perform a nice gesture. I try to write thank you notes and I try to say thank you but, like all of us, I know I don’t do it enough. So, here are a few overdue thank yous…

Two years ago, we both lost our jobs and it was a very scary time for us – thank you to our family and friends who understood that it was going to be a rough Christmas.

Thank you to those same family and friends who listened as we were scared, gave us a place to stay, treated us to a meal, and just stood by us as we struggled.

Thank you to my husband – he never stopped believing that we were going to be okay (I was not always so optimistic). Even now as we struggle with other issues, he still keeps us on the positive track!

Christmas 2010 looks very different from Christmas 2008. We both have jobs (I think Jeff has his dream job), we have a house and are not planning to move again for a while, and we are both healthy and have healthy family and friends. I have always tried to be grateful and tried to say thank you, but I don’t always succeed. As I looked at our tree and around our house, I want to be sure to take in how fortunate we are and say thank you.

Now it’s your turn – look around and be grateful for even the smallest of blessings and say thank you to those around you.

And my final thank you for this post – thank you for reading Bright-Yellow.


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