What’s for Lunch? Roti

Lunch – my favorite part the work day. I’m they type who starts day dreaming about lunch at about 10AM and continue to think about lunch options until noon shows up on the clock on my computer.

Even though I try to bring my lunch to work (eat health, save money, portion control… we all know the reasons why I should do this), I often end up eating out. Many times this is because I have a business lunch or lunch with friends. Like most downtown workers (and by this I don’t just mean downtown Chicago, I mean downtown anywhere U.S.A), I’m surrounded by the usual lunch haunts – sandwich spot (actually more than one), Asian, salads, etc. All are fine but none consume my lunchtime daydreams.

Enter the new spot – Roti. I’m basically obsessed with Roti at lunch (they have breakfast, too, but I cannot justify eating breakfast out). The one by my office opened late last year and I have been hooked from day one. Roti is basically Chipotle with middle eastern food. Like Chipotle, you walk up to the counter, order, and then customize your plate. Ordering involves choosing your base (sandwich, salad, or my favorite, plate) meat (the chicken is so yummy – the spices are fantastic), and veggies/sides/sauces. I have no idea what they do their couscous but whatever it is, the couscous is delicious and not at all dry. Like Chipotle (sorry, Roti, for the constant comparison but it’s the closest concept I can come up with for those who have never walked through your doors), you leave filled with healthy food that keeps you going all day.

The location by me suffered a fire a couple of weeks ago (I’m sure Roti enjoyed my daily phone calls to check on their recovery process). This means my obsession with Roti for lunch has gone into overdrive. I’m writing this post tonight because Roti on Dearborn opens again tomorrow! I’m anticipating Friday-like lines (Fridays at Roti are pretty crowded – don’t worry, though, the line moves quickly) but I know my lunch buddy tomorrow will be up for the challenge!

I don’t want to leave you thinking that Roti is a Chicago only spot – there are locations in D.C., too, and it looks like the plan is to populate the country with healthy mediterranean food.  If you haven’t been and there is one in your area, EAT AT ROTI!

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  1. I was coming from ROTI at Riverside plaza when I got hit by the truck that one time… its all good – my craving for their falafel with garlic sauce (which I don’t think they make anymore because it was really fattening) was unreal and I must have been in food coma heaven to not have looked both ways before crossing the street…. I have not really been back but they are opening a new on this spring even closer to us at Randolph and Wells! SO EXCITED!

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