Squirrel House Rock

Well it has been so long since I have written a blog post that I almost didn’t remember my password to get into WordPress! For those who don’t know me personally, I have taken a break from Bright-Yellow because I recently became a mom to the cutest baby boy in the world and, once again, I find myself unemployed which means I need to spend part of my day job searching (between mommy duties and doggie mommy duties)!

I also struggled with the focus of Bright-Yellow. If I suddenly give tips that relate to the baby, am I now a mommy blogger? That wasn’t really the point of creating the blog but now being a mom is a big part of my life. After talking with friends, it looks like Bright-Yellow will just expand in terms of the types of tips offered – now including some for moms and dads!

Today’s post, though, is about a treat for those who have furry babies – specifically dogs. Our dog, Nola, is quite the chewer. Fortunately, she sticks to chewing her toys (for the most part) to the point of destruction (thank goodness for the dollar store). At the moment, our house is littered with the carcases of a stuffed hedgehog, deer, and dog (yes, she even chews her own kind!) in addition to multiple Nyla bones.

One of her favorites, though, is what we call Squirrel House Rock. My brother and his girlfriend gave this fabulous toy to our dog for Christmas and it has been a favorite ever since. The dog loves to knock the squirrels out of their house by shaking it or by sticking her nose in and just pulling them out. Of course, you can add “stuffed squirrels” to the list of carcases above but she doesn’t care – she still loves getting them out of their house. And, because she is super smart, she also decided to chew up their house (no house means homeless squirrels which are much easier to destroy!) BUT the house is virtually indestructible – yay!

Squirrel House Rock has a more official name – Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy for Dogs – but Squirrel House Rock is so much more fun to say! It is available on Amazon (click here).

If you have other suggestions for our chew happy pup, please share in the comments below.

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow!


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