Product Review: Everyday Shea Brand Shea Butter Conditioner & DeTangler

ImageThanks to B’s early rising time and the fact that he is still nursing in the morning (no, I’m not going to be the woman from Time or Newsweek magazine, I’m just waiting until after the hectic holidays to wean him from the morning and night feedings), I check out Facebook pretty early in the morning. Usually this just means that I see what people posted the night before (because I go to bed by 9PM – see remark about B’s early rising). 

Last week, though, my early Facebook reading led me to see that my local Whole Foods (Evanston South – Shout Out!) was looking for fans to sample some new products. Sign me up! The first few people were selected and by the next day I found myself with a brown paper  bag with my name on it and a mystery treat inside. When I opened the bag and saw Shea Butter Conditioner and Detangler, I admit I was disappointed. I have baby fine hair and conditioner usually just makes it look flat and greasy. And while the product is recommended for babies, B doesn’t really have much need for conditioner yet.

But, I signed up for this and wouldn’t let Whole Foods Evanston South down. So, for the last week I have been using the conditioner – and I LIKE IT! Wowza! It smells terrific and I like that it is all natural. And, as far as I can tell, my hair does not look flat and greasy. Yay! 

I tried on on B once just to say that I did. It was fine but not necessary. I did read in other reviews that the Everyday Shea products are not tear-free which I wish they would make more prominent on the packaging. The baby line (which this is part of) also includes shampoo/body wash and lotion and since I like the smell so much, and all of the products are all natural and fair trade, I’m sure I will purchase them in the future. Yes, they are pricier than the Target brand but I tend to pay more for all natural products for baby B.

Thanks Everyday Shea and Whole Foods Evanston South for letting me test your product.

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.


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