Happy 2013

I have been thinking a lot about the upcoming year and what it might have in store for us. The last few years have been filled with major ups (marriage, moving, house, dog, baby) and major downs (job loss, job loss again, losing loved ones, family health scares). As I write it (or type it as the case may be), clearly the ups outweigh the downs, yet the downs are what stay with me and make me wonder about 2013. My friend, Kate, once said that people are “even year” or “odd year” people and I’m pretty sure I’m an even year person. 2012 taught me and Jeff about parenthood (and we have so much more to learn!) and living life on a seriously tight budget. 2011 taught us about job challenges and unbelievable joy at bringing new life into the world and into our hearts. So, what does 2013 have in store for us? I don’t know but I’m guessing it will again be filled with ups and downs and with us looking toward 2014 with anxious apprehension, too.

I hope all  of you (and me) have a 2013 filled with love, health, happiness, and wealth that money can’t buy. I’m going to try to write Bright-Yellow more often in 2013 – that’s about as far as I can go with resolutions!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.


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