Hugo Naturals – Lotion and Soap Review

Whole Foods Evanston South (whoop whoop) gave me some more products to try – thank you WF! As a result, you will get to learn about some new (well, new to me) products, too!

ImageTwo of the products are by the same brand – Hugo Naturals. There was one for me and one for baby B (but based on reading the ingredients and the Hugo Naturals site, I think we could both use both products). I tried the All Over Lotion in grapefruit. I’m not sure if WF is following my purchases, but I LOVE grapefruit so I was super excited to try this lotion and was not disappointed once I did! It’s a very light lotion both in texture and smell. At this time of year, I need something a little heavier on my hands (lots of hand washing, you know) but I think in the summer, this will be the perfect lotion for me!

ImageBaby B tested the Baby Hugo handcrafted soap. I was nervous about this one because B does still put items in his mouth so I have stuck with bath gel type of products for him. The soap says you can use it from head to toe so I did. What it doesn’t say is that depending on your child, this bar of soap is a fantastic tub toy, too! B loved holding it and having it slip out of his hands with a big splash! Over and over again! Even though it is not tear free (it takes chemicals to make a product tear-free), when I used it on B’s hair, he didn’t seem to mind when I rinsed it out. And the smell – yummy and clean (we used the chamomile & vanilla scent)! The soap has shea butter in it which I really could tell made a difference for B. This soap is a hit in our house for sure!

More reviews to come. I’d love to hear about some of your favorite products, though, since I’m always on the hunt for great finds!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow!



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