Check Out Matt the Electrician

685_matt_fullJeff and I actually had a rare date night last weekend to celebrate our anniversary. Technically, Jeff was working, too, but it was a night out nonetheless. We recently learned that one of B’s daycare teachers also babysits which had Jeff and I trying to figure out just how quickly we could schedule a night out (B is back to being VERY attached to Mommy these days but he does like his daycare teacher). We headed to our local music venue, Space, to hear Shawn Colvin and while Shawn played beautifully (of course), her opening act was a pleasant surprise.

Unless the show is a double bill, the opening act usually is the time to enjoy a drink and chat (depending on the size of the venue – Space is super small so chatting is tough). We had never heard of this opener and figured we’d use the time to drink and whisper. However, from the moment Matt the Electrician (don’t you just love the name!?!? He really is an electrician apparently) took the stage and began to sing and share his stories, we were hooked. He played some charmingly beautiful songs and his stories had us laughing and engaged throughout his performance. He reminded me a bit of Peter Himmelman (another fave), Jason Mraz, and a male Patty Griffin (one of my all-time faves).

So, if you see Matt the Electrician playing your area, check him out. And the next time you head to a show, go early and check out the opening act – you might just discover a new gem.

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.


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