To App or Not To App

This is a post where I hope you will offer a little feedback in the comments area.


To App or Not to App? Well, actually – To Let Baby B App or Not to App?

B has discovered the joy of the iPhone and iPad. Since I often have my phone with me (we are a cell phone only house), he was bound to notice it at some point. Once he discovered it, he was content to simply turn it on. Then he was content to just look at pictures with mom’s help and now he can swipe all on his own. He has also figured out how to access Siri (which Jeff and I find hilarious since he doesn’t talk leading to an “I don’t understand da da da” response from Siri). He figured out that the iPad was just a bigger iPhone when he noticed that the wall paper on both is the same picture of him.

I have downloaded a few apps for him (a phone pad that has characters that say things like “Hi” and “Peek a Boo” and one that plays the ABC song while the letters float down in bubbles). I did this prior to a long car trip figuring I’d only pull the phone out when desperate – which happened all to frequently.

So, the question is, do we let him embrace technology and seek appropriate apps for him and let him play on these devices or try to keep them from him a little longer? On the one hand, I want him to wait and live in a tech-free world for a while longer. On the other hand, he is growing up in a technology world.  Ah… first world problems, right? 🙂

Okay folks – let me know – do we app or not app?

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  1. From a grandma’s point of view, I see nothing wrong with the educational ones. I think the piano app would be wonderful. However, I think the problem might come if he gets it too much, or everytime he thinks he wants it, he gets it. He might then want it too often and spend too much time on it. Too many kids have become addicted to tech things. Too much of anything is not a good thing (except sewing machines). He’s so smart he will probably start designing apps!!!
    Love ya,
    Grandma Donna

  2. Thanks for the comments (and the piano suggestion, Donna)! We try to limit the screen time but it is tough. I just saw something on the news yesterday that they estimate kids will spend a quarter of their lives in front of a screen!

  3. I say to app!! I am someone that was slow to getting on the Apple bandwagon and a primary reason for switching is due to my son (7 yrs old). When he and the neighbors would play games on my old phone couple years ago, a droid, they would complain it didn’t work as well, etc. Its amazing to me how well they pick up the games/apps. If you look on pinterest, there are lots of top apps for kids and I think they break it down by age etc. Just this past weekend we were away with no cell service and my son said just look it up on Safari, I said we can’t access it right now. The look on his face was priceless. I am also of the mindset that kids do learn some neat things from TV. The Little Einsteins haven’t definitely traveled more places than I have :). My nephew who is 6, now reads audio books on his ipad mini. And I think with anything, if there is a limit to it, then its a good thing and they look at it like a treat. Good luck!!

  4. My 3 year old has an Ipad addiction and its terrible! I have to wrestle the Ipad away from him. But I will say, because of the learning apps he knows all of his letters, their sounds and his numers better than his 5 year old sister. Nickelodeon & JumpStart have a lot of good learning apps. Good luck!

  5. Jen – I really struggle with this question too. Screentime – TV and iPad/Phones is not suggested at all before the age of 2… then “they” increased it to 4 yrs old. but that is impossible. So… we let it happen. But we do try to limit the timeframe. For example, the iPad in the morning is ltd to my shower/prep time before work (and only if she sees it and asks for it). Once the nanny arrives, no screen time at all is permitted. And we allow A to watch Curious George while drinking her bottle before bed on the weekdays. Sometimes we do animal flashcards and such and play some educational games. But really, she just likes to press buttons and see cause/effect. On weekends, we are a little more permissive, but try to reserve the iPad or iPhone time to restaurants (we go out a lot and the screentime allows you to have a conversation with your spouse) and less potential for “escape” (she refuses to sit in a highchair or booster).

    I’ve found to be a pretty decent resource. They review apps by age… and have editor’s picks. That’s how I picked my first downloads. And… I think we only have about five.

    I’ll check our specific apps when we get home and report back if you want.

  6. Hi Everyone! Thanks for the feedback. We decided to app – in limited doses. B does use the iPad/iPhone to facetime with my parents so he is aware of what it can do to a certain extent. Susan, thanks for the tip on – that really helped. So, my iPad and iPhone now have a few apps that B loves. He’s very fond of the ABC song and there is another one that has a song about the letters and the sounds they make. Thanks everyone for reading and commenting and if you think of more apps that he would like, let me know!

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