Fresh & Clean Some of My Favorite Chemical-Free Cleaning Products

Sometimes I use a product, visit a place, eat or drink something new and think to myself, “I should blog about this.” Then I never actually write that blog post. Well, today as I was cleaning (you know, since I don’t have a paying job at the moment), I had one of those “I should blog about this” thoughts and viola – a blog post!

laundry_DAFS_fresh_airI love Method products. I have loved them for a long time (I first tried their bathroom cleaner when I had a windowless bathroom), I have not met one that I don’t love, and I sing their praises often. One of my new favorites is the Method Laundry Spray. Originally I tried this because I had a coupon (see reference to lack of paying job above) for a free trial size when I bought another Method Laundry product. I loved the idea of replacing dryer sheets (and the trash they generate) with a spray but I honestly was a bit skeptical. My skepticism was unfounded, though, because the spray rocks. It smells heavenly, leaves our clothes nice and soft, and really reduces the static. Plus, since I can control how much I use, I can adjust the amount based on the size of the load of laundry. I think the directions say six sprays for a load of laundry but, personally, I use about half of that with great success.

CFS-010_1zNow that I have professed my love of Method, I have to admit that I cheated on them and tried Naturally It’s Clean Bathroom Cleaner and I actually love it more than the Method bathroom cleaner. The Method one was great but the Naturally It’s Clean Bathroom Cleaner does a better job. For the last two years we have had a layer of gunk on the counter in B’s bathroom (hmmm… could it be my hairspray since that is where I do my hair? Yeah, probably) and nothing got rid of it. I just figured we’d live with it until we re-do the bathroom someday. Ahhh but then I tried Naturally It’s Clean and the gunk is gone. Really. Since I try to limit B’s interaction with chemicals, I really love using this in his bathtub because I know his tub is squeaky clean but nothing I used is going to make his sprout a third ear or anything.

Don’t ask about floor cleaner, though – at the rate the snow is falling around here, I’m not cleaning my floors until July!

Please share any cleaning products or tips that you have in the comments section!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.



  1. Baking Soda is a good one for layers of unnamed gunk. Our water leaves lovely green stains on the sinks, and baking soda is great for getting it off. I use Simple Green, a giant vat we have had for years (hmmm, maybe i should be cleaning more often?) but i love Method products!

  2. Hi! I like Method too, and Target carries the product :-). I’ve recently tried the method “cleaning wipes” – they solved an immediate need of quick cleanups before the build-up gets bad. Especially toothpaste spooge in the sink! It’s a little indulgent, but makes cleaning more fun & I do it more often so it is actually less of a chore. Isn’t that half the battle? How about a blog update on the Bread maker gift? Cheers

  3. Hey Mama J! Babyganics has also come out with a “clean” line that works REALLY well. I now use everything from baby wash, bottle wash, cleaning spray, and clothes wash. The dryer sheets are amazing and use no animal fats (only plant based). Wish I could buy stock…..

  4. Hi Jen,

    Thanks for mentioning us! Just curious how you came across NaturallyItsClean? Sorry for the delayed response, we’re revamping our social media. I will re-post your blog on our Facebook page.

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