Biscoff Spread – My Taste Buds are SO HAPPY!

biscoff_160mm_crunchy_rendering_fa_0Have you heard of Biscoff spread or am I the last person to discover this delicious treat? Earlier this summer, our neighbor’s ten-year old daughter, Sofie, told me about Biscoff spread and was shocked that I had never heard of it (or maybe it was because I was asking her the name about ten times since it was such an odd name). A few days later, Sofie’s mom brought up Biscoff spread and was equally shocked that I had not made Biscoff spread a regular tenant in our pantry high-rise.

Fast forward to a Target trip last week and what do I see? Biscoff spread. So, of course, I bought it.

Do you know what this stuff is? GROUND UP WINDMILL COOKIES! Holy smokes thanks to Biscoff spread, you can put cookies on everything! By the way, my first word was cookie – clearly, I love them.

According to the Web site, Belgians have been eating a homemade version of this for years (those Belgians – first it was mussels, then it was beer, and now it is Biscoff – I think I need to move there!). The packaged version that we have in the US came as a result of a Belgian game show called “The Inventors”. You can read the whole story HERE.

The Web site suggests putting the spread on bread. Personally, I have had no problem eating it straight from the jar but I have really loved it over ice cream. Some people use it in place of peanut butter, too, for baking (check out a recipe HERE from one of my favorite blogs).

If you have had Biscoff spread, how do you like to eat it? If you haven’t had it, buy some, thank me, and tell me how you like to eat it!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.


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