Trip Down Memory Lane Part 1

Earlier this week, I attended a Red Tricycle event (I do some freelance writing for their Chicago edition) where I met a woman who was thinking about starting a blog. I told her that I’d send her links to Bright-Yellow and answer any questions that she has (not that I’m an expert, but she might as well avoid the mistakes I have made). So, I sent her a link to this blog and the original Bright-Yellow which was on Blogspot (now Blogger). I guess I didn’t last long on Blogspot because there are not many posts but I really enjoyed re-reading them. So, I decided I’d share them here, too, in case you missed the info the first time around!

In July of 2009, I wrote about Go City Kids, a site my friend Kerry recommended to me. At the time, I didn’t have baby (or toddler) B but I loved how the site made it easy to find kid-interesting places when traveling to a new city. It looks like in the last four years, Nickelodeon purchased Go City Kids, but you can still find some good information. That said, also in the last four years, a number of sites with kid recommendations in different cities have popped up – clearly, I’m a fan of Red Tricycle!

Apparently I wanted to go hiking in July of 2009, too, since I wrote about sites with good information (REI Family Adventures and American Trails). I forgot about these sites and am so happy to rediscover them! Plus, B is now old enough to go on short hikes so maybe we can get a short one in before it gets cold (she types on a 90+ degree day!).

Another happy re-discovery – Unclutterer. I knew kids caused a lot of plastic to suddenly appear in one’s home, but I don’t think I was really fully prepared. And, a certain husband has difficulty parting with items, adding to our clutter. I think this site will inspire me to try to tackle the problems in our house!

One more trip down memory lane to come.

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.


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