Theater for the Under Four Set

showbanner_teddybearpicnicMy first “real” job was at the Jungle Theater in Minneapolis. The job was a dream come true (even if I did earn less than I did as a retail store manager!) and I loved it. Now that Baby B is Toddler B, we thought it was time to introduce him to one of my loves – theater (or theatre for those of you who are the “re” type).

photoThrough my job as a writer for Red Tricycle Chicago, I discovered Chicago’s Emerald City Theatre (and many others since I wrote the Fall Theatre Preview article which you can read HERE) and their brand new Little Theatre production of “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic”. Most kids theater is for ages three and up but Emerald City Theatre’s Little Theater is for the 0-4 set and doesn’t require little bottoms to sit in seats. Instead, after following the tweeting bird into the theater, families sit together on blankets with picnic baskets and watch the story unfold. Throughout the production, kids are encouraged to explore their basket and participate in the story. For example, at one point, Mama Bear asks everyone to pull out their napkins and put them on their laps. B’s favorite, of course, was the part where everyone got up and danced!

“The Teddy Bears’ Picnic” runs through January 5. For more information and tickets, please click HERE.  If you want to check it out between now and December 15, use promo code BEARFRIEND to purchase $7 tickets.

We want to do this again, so do you have any other theater suggestions for the under four set? Please share in the comments section (even if they aren’t in Chicago).

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.


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