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TwoBuckDuck Is Not Quackers! (I had to do it!)

Today’s post is a little early because Jeff & I are heading to suburbia to visit his family (becasue, boo, my job search networking meeting was cancelled). My friend, Jackie, sent me this link a few weeks ago but I have been waiting until they had a deal that I was super excited about before putting it on Bright-Yellow. Today’s the day!

is similar to Groupon where you pay a little bit to purchase a coupon worth a lot. In this case, for just $2, you can purchase coupons for everything from boat cruises to restaurants. One important note, though – check the terms and conditions. Yesterday, TwoBuckDuck had a seemingly great offer of a $25 Macy’s gift card for $2 but once you read the terms, you learned that you had to have Eddie Z’s come to your house and measure blinds – uh, no thanks!

So what’s today’s TwoBuckDuck offer that is so worth your time? For $2 you can purchase an entree at Garrett Ripley’s! I had never been here until last March when my friend, Cheryl, took me there because it was by her office (I was working out of her office at the time). I swear I had the best cream of mushroom soup there that I have ever had! And, you know I love grilled cheese and they have one of the best!

Now, for that terms and conditions part – the coupon is good when you buy another entree of equal or greater value and only one per party. Like Groupon, this offer is only good for 24 hours so hop on to TwoBuckDuck (especially you Cheryl!), and gobble up some deals (oops, wrong bird!)!

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My Favorite Month?!?!

I just found out that April is Grilled Cheese Month!!!!!! OMG why didn’t I know this earlier? When we lived in California, there was the Grilled Cheese Invitational in Los Angeles that I desperately wanted to attend but we were booked when it happened. Cali friends I expect you to attend next year! Since there are only a few days left in this fabulous month, I’m going to offer my grilled cheese suggestions.

First, for everyone, I found an amazing site that is all about celebrating Grilled Cheese Month – Pithy and Clever has some of the best “fancy pants” grilled cheese recipes that I have every seen. Every day in April they have posted a new grilled cheese recipe (find them by scrolling down or in the recipe index under sandwiches). I’m planning on trying the grilled cheese and tomato soup (with the soup in the grilled cheese) this week and I will report on its success or failure. The comments, though, lead me to think success is in my grilled cheese future. I also think today’s recipe of brie and nutella is worth a try with the cheese change that the authors suggest.

If you’re not up for making your own grilled cheese, I know where to find some delicious sandwiches. Our California friends, Marisa and Tony, introduced us to The Counter when we lived in Cali. The restaurant started in LA but has expanded to Orange County (Irvine) and Chicago (Diversey between Halsted and Clark/B’way). While The Counter is primarily about burgers, their grilled cheese is drop dead delicious! Plus, my favorite part of The Counter, you can get half and half sides so Jeff and I often get half onion rings (YUM) and half sweet potato fries! They also have quite a nice beer and wine selection and the shakes aren’t too bad, either.

My other favorite grilled cheese in Chicago is at the Daily Bar & Grill in Lincoln Square. Personally, I’m kind of a purist about grilled cheese so I order it without mustard and tomato. Friends, however, like it with both so it’s totally your call. The Daily seems to have a magic grilled cheese maker because the grilled cheese is never soggy and never burned. However, the other Spare Time properties don’t seem to have that grilled cheese maker (yep, I’m talking to you Seven Ten) so stick to the Daily’s sandwich. It is quite large, though, so make sure you’re hungry!

So, if you haven’t already, make sure you celebrate Grilled Cheese month at least once before the end of the month. I will be celebrating every day – and probably after that, too!