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Dine For Less – Restaurant Week

I love Restaurant Week.  Practically every large city has one (or two or three) to encourage diners to break diets but not banks and support the local restaurant industry.  Restaurant Week is a great way to explore a new restaurant (or an old favorite) without feeling like your entire paycheck is going toward one meal!

Here in Chicago (and, again, in many other cities) we have multiple Restaurant Weeks and the first starts this week!  The Local Tourist (featured in an earlier Bright-Yellow) hosts its first Restaurant Week this week (January 8-15).  Each of the participating restaurants is offering three course meals for only $25 for lunch and $35 for dinner – PLUS 10% of each meal goes to Endure To Cure, which raises money for pediatric cancer research, treatment and care.  For a list of Local Tourist Restaurant Week restaurants, please click here.

Not every city has The Local Tourist but every city does have a chamber of commerce and/or tourism bureau and many of them, like Chicago, put together a restaurant week.  Chicago’s big Restaurant Week is just around the corner – February 19-28 – yippeee!  These tables book quickly so reserve yours now – lunch is only $22 and dinner $32.  You can see the complete list of participating restaurants here and, if you’re on Open Table (and if you’re not on Open Table, get on it!), make your reservation here.  Don’t worry, I’ll remind you of Chicago Restaurant Week again when it starts.

Looking ahead, Yelp! also hosts a Restaurant Week in June.  Last year’s event was June 1-7 so look for that to happen again this summer.

In these tough times, I know going out is not easy on the old pocketbook.  However, we have to all help each other out and Restaurant Week makes it a bit easier to support local business.

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More Travel in Your Own Backyard (Chicago)

I guess this week’s theme is travel. In a few minutes, Jeff and I are heading out to begin our (maybe that should be “my” since he is sort of going by default) tour of Chicago’s 50 Wards. I’ll post our adventure tomorrow.

In the meantime, Chicagoans (and those planning a visit or are just curious about Chicago), check out The Local Tourist if you have not already. I found The Local Tourist on Twitter (a fun follow). The Local Tourist is just what it says – a local’s take on Chicago. However, while Theresa Carter came up with the idea (I think) and manages the site, anybody can contribute to The Local Tourist once you become a member (free – just create a profile. Hmmm… maybe I’ll add the 50 Wards project?). Some parts of The Local Tourist are better than others. The Neighborhoods and Transportation sections give just enough detail and have some fun facts but I found the Shopping area lacking significant information. Again, the site is basically built by locals so maybe locals just don’t care very much about shopping!

One more Chicago tip… Last night, my friend, Cheryl, was kind enough to invite me to be her guest for the opening of “Boleros for the Disenchanted” at the Goodman Theater. I can’t say enough good things about this show – just go see it!!!! Seriously – FANTASTIC production!!!!

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