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The Drink Deck – 52 Ways to Sample Chicago Drinking Establishments

Remember my love of a la Card Chicago?  Well, Jeff and I are enjoying checking out new places (yes, we just got to Smoque) and old favorites (yummy Big Jones).  We can’t figure out how two people will be able to spend $25 at Hot Doug’s but we’re up for the challenge!

I just discovered the unofficial companion deck to a la Card Chicago – the Drink Deck!  Jeff, the beer man husband, should be happy when he reads about this!  Like a la Card Chicago, the Drink Deck puts 52 establishments on a deck of cards and encourages you to “play” Chicago!  The Drink Deck divides the watering holes by a number of categories including wine bar, beer bar, music venue, dive bar, hip hangout (don’t worry those of us over 25 – these places are hip but not so hip that we have never heard of them!) and more.

The Drink Deck is only $30 and each card gives you $10 off of your tab ($30 minimum before tax and tip).  You can order a Drink Deck by clicking here.  Remember – outdoor drinking in Chicago is just around the corner…

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More Weekend Fun

Summer in Chicago doesn’t officially start for a few weeks but the first of the summer festivals takes place this weekend – Mayfest. Personally, I’m not a fan of Mayfest but if you have a jonesing for a fest, then there you go!

Tomorrow (Friday) there are two really fun events. The first, Manifest, takes place downtown (kick off is at 640 S. Wabash and the fest extends south on Wabash to Congress) and celebrates the fantastic local Columbia College artists. Check out visual artworks, see performances and don’t miss “the next big thing” on the music stage. For a map, click here.

Jeff & I are hitting the second Friday event – The Goose Island Summertime Shuffle. The pub crawl begins at 6PM at The Globe Pub on Irving Park and continues throughout Lincoln Square. We figure it’s a good way to check out the places in our own backyard. Join us!

If you’re feeling more sporty or you need to recover from Manifest or the Summertime Shuffle, then hit the Self Magazine Workout in the Park (Butler Field in Grant Park) and get your booty kicked by Jillian from “The Biggest Loser.” Tickets are $15 but you do get 4 hours of working out (if you’re up for it – me, not so much) and a year-long subscription to Self magazine.

Finally, and I’m personally very excited about this one, the Modern Wing at the Art Institute opens on Saturday. From the outside, the building is beautiful and I can’t wait to see the interior. Plus, this whole week admission (regularly $18) is FREE!!!! Don’t miss this one!!! Oh, and bring a can or two of food – the Art Institute is holding a food drive in conjunction with the opening.

And PLEASE send me some outdoor dining suggestions! Thanks to those who have sent/posted and I’m waiting to hear from more of you!!!