The Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Attachment: Frozen Treat Fun at Our House

Boy, have I been slacking in the blogging department! February? Really? In my defense (justification), I did finally make my freelancing a legitimate business (J Peterson Marketing) and while B is now more independent, he is also more likely to get himself into a jam!


81Mnf-0GeEL._SL1500_Speaking of B, he’s sort of what got me back on the blogging bandwagon. For Father’s Day (yes, I know it was a few months ago), we gave Jeff a Kitchen Aid ice cream attachment and we are totally addicted. While we haven’t made actual ice cream yet, we have made sorbet all summer long. Strawberry – check. Blueberry – check. Watermelon (my personal favorite) – check. We tried frozen yogurt and it was tasty but while fresh fruit is bountiful in the Midwest, we’re sticking with sorbet.


The Kitchen Aid ice cream maker is super easy to use. Just puree some fruit, add some simple syrup or honey, put it in the frozen bowl (this is what takes the longest – the bowl has to be completely frozen to work), let it go for 7-10 minutes, and – voila! – sorbet (or frozen yogurt or ice cream)! B loves that he can make “sorvet” as he calls it and I love that it’s not chock full of chemicals.


If you’re a frozen treat fan and you have a Kitchen Aid mixer, then I highly recommend this attachment.


Hope you’re having a wonderful summer. Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.


Steigl-Radler Grapefruit: You Can Drink Summer V2

grapefruitA couple of years ago, I wrote a post about Summer Shandy titled “You Can Actually Drink Summer” (check it out HERE). Well, 2009, Ms. Bright-Yellow 2013 has something to share with you!


Thanks to my beer loving husband, I now know that the German version of a Shandy is called a Radler. He also introduced me to my new favorite beer – Steigl-Radler Grapefruit. YUM, YUM, YUM! Steigl-Radler Grapefruit is fizzy, slightly sweet, slightly sour, and a whole lot of delicious. Plus, it is much lower in alcohol (2.5%) and calories (175 per .5ml can) than many other beers out there. Did I mention how tasty it is?!?!?


Steigl also makes a lemon Radler. I tried that one last summer and while I liked it, for me, it was not the home-run that the Grapefruit flavor. But, that’s just me and my taste buds.


So, while I’m enjoying my Steigl Radler Grapefruit, I’d love to hear about some of your favorite summer drinks. Personally, I’m too lazy to make drinks for just the two but if you have an easy-peasy cocktail recipe that we simply must try, well, then share it in the comments section!
Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.

Summer 2010 Best Sunscreens

For those of you who don’t personally know me, Ms. Bright-Yellow is technically Ms. Bright-White when it comes to skin tone.  And while I love summer, a tan for me is the merging of my freckles and, as a result, I am constantly searching for a sunscreen that actually works for more than ten minutes.

Over the years I have found a few sunscreens that have done the trick but none that are on my “must buy” list.  Last week, Consumer Reports released a list their top testing sunscreens.  And the winners are…

Now I haven’t had much luck with sprays in the past but I’m definitely planning to try the Target and Walgreens versions (especially since Walgreens is in SPF 50).  According to the article, these two also smell nice and beachy.  However, I’ll still take shade breaks and wear my big floppy hat.

As summer gets underway, don’t forget that adults need about a shot glass full of sunscreen which should be re-applied every 2-3 hours and sunscreen does lose its potency so toss it after two years.

Later in the summer I’ll report back on my experiences with the sunscreens.  In the meantime get out and enjoy summer. And thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.

Summer Wine & Cheese Pairings

As promised, here are your suggestions for summer wine and cheese pairings.  I didn’t hear from many of you (do you not like summer? wine? cheese? All of that sounds impossible!) so if you have a suggestion, just add it to the comments so that we can all enjoy some tasty treats!

21046_200For a summer yummy (which she adds is not limited to summer), Katherine suggests Saint Andre cheese (double cream) on a thin cracker with raspberry butter on top.  She added that she “bought it at Sunset grocery (in the Chicago suburbs) by my house.”  I’m not sure if she meant the cheese or the raspberry spread.  I know the cheese is pretty readily available but I’m not familiar with raspberry butter so I did what any of us would do – I googled raspberry butter.  I didn’t find a pre-made one (leading me to believe that Katherine meant she found the cheese at Sunset foods), but I did find a few recipes and it looks super easy to make.  I think I’m going to try the recipe posted here on RecipeZarr.  And, since Katherine did not suggest a wine, I found this link on Chowhound where foodies suggest wine to pair with St. Andre.  Ah, the joys of the Web!

Inez, my friend and former Crazytown survivor, believes “nothing says summer more than fresh mozzarella, great tomatoes and just picked basil” and I agree. She loves to pair this combo with Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio – a lovely, light, Italian white wine.  It is farmer’s market season across the country so hit the market and make this tasty salad!  Hmmm… in my google search to add a link to the wine, I learned that according to Food & Wine Magazine, Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio is the most popular pinot grigio sold in the United States.  I also found an article by Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher titled  “10 ways to save money ordering wine at restaurants” (great article – read it).  In the article, Gaiter and Breacher note that because of its popularity, Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio is frequently one of the most overpriced wines in a restaurant (they also say the most mark up is on a single glass of wine).  So, while Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio is a great summer wine, drink it at home (with the mozzarella, tomato and basil) or bring it to your favorite BYOB.

See? Not many suggestions dear readers!  So, please add some more to the comments section (anyone have a favorite summer red wine?).

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