Goodbye to 1154 Lill and Goodbye to My Younger Self

AMELIA-800When I first moved to Chicago in my 20’s, my friend, Chrissie, introduced me to 1154 Lill Studio. I instantly fell in love and over the last (gulp!) fifteen years, I have amassed quite a collection of “Lill bags”. Even though the economy and my life changes have made buying a new Lill bag a rare occurrence in the last couple of years, I remained on their email list and managed to hit their sample sale and score a new bag or two. So, I was shocked when I received an email from them this week announcing that they are closing their doors in March.

I started thinking about my Lill bags and how each of them bring back memories. From weddings (LOTS of weddings!) to job promotions, to gifts, each holds a place in my heart as well as on my shoulder (or wrist). My last self designed bag is actually one that is meant to be a diaper bag but one that I used as a work bag since I was not having any luck getting pregnant when I created it. Once my son was finally born, I still never used it as a diaper bag, but deep down, I always knew that’s what it was originally intended to be.

I supposed if someone like me, a fifteen year fan of the company, isn’t buying 1154 Lill bags at the same rate that I once was, then the doors were bound to close. The current crop of twenty-something women seem much more label conscious than I remember being at that age and my forty-something compadres are too busy putting money into mortgages, kids, repairs, etc. to one, take the time to design a bag and two, pay close to two hundred dollars for it.

The closing of 1154 Lill is like officially saying good-bye to the younger, more carefree me. I am sad to see the store (and my footloose and fancy free days) go, but I’m sure there is a new and exciting chapter of life ahead for us.

If you want to purchase one last “Lill bag”, head to one of the stores or visit their website HERE where you can also read about the closing in the founder’s words. And the photo is of the Amelia which I am considering for my final “Lill bag” – thoughts?

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.